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Our App Is Amazing!

Rentif aim is to provide people a platform that would allow them to rent desired items.
Buy only what you need daily - everything else can be rented. Especially if you use this item only once a year.
Simply book an item and get going!

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Our App Helps to Save!

People are increasingly aware of the impact of modern society on the environment and want to help improve the situation.

Renting items gives people this opportunity, as there is no overconsumption and purchase of unnecessary items, which directly contributes to the preservation of the environment.

Our App Helps to Save image
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Get new experiences!

Don't limit yourself in new hobbies with gloomy thoughts about how much it will cost. Rent with Rentif and learn your first electric guitar chords, get on your snowboard or ski, or ride a car of your dream.

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Extra income!

Do not worry that you bought something too expensive - let it work on you. Not using a steamer, juicer or van often - rent them out.

This is your personal income, the item will remain with you, and the purchase price will be returned through renting.

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