Rent duration

Min: 35
Max: 450

Manufacturing year
Min: 1960
Max: 2022

Plug type

Load capacity (kg)
Min: 250
Max: 30000

Gross weight (kg)
Min: 100
Max: 10000

Sleeping places
Min: 1
Max: 20

Explore 2 caravan trailers near you

Deposit 500 €
/ 3 days
Rent from 3 days to 1 month
1500 load capacity (kg)
6 977km away
Tallinn, EE
/ day
Rent from 1 day to 1 month
250 load capacity (kg)
MZ Auto OÜ
7 121km away
Rõhu, EE
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Rentif provides online rental marketplace allowing users to search, select and rent caravans, campers and travel trailers from wide range of private owners and rental companies.
The Caravan is a convenience and the freedom to drive and stay where you like, while enjoying all the modern comforts of a hotel. You have the opportunity to wake up every morning to a new destination and discover the world in a new light.

A house on a hook frees you from the need to book a hotel room and plan your itinerary by lodging houses. During the whole trip you can feel cosy, homely comforts and stop for as long as you like and wherever you like. Modern caravans allow you to observe nature friendly and green lifestyle.

Renting a camper, whether it’s a travel trailer or pop up camper, offers a completely different experience than other types of camping. You get many of the luxuries of home, such as a bathroom, kitchen, soft beds and a roof over your head.