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Max: 100

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Min: 1960
Max: 2022



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Rentif provides online rental marketplace allowing users to search, select and rent motorcycles, scooters and sport bikes from wide range of private owners and rental companies. We offer huge variety of vehicles, choose yourself whenever you prefer to ride.

The world is there to be discovered. There’s always something new. These bikes are designed specially for long-distance expeditions and overcoming long route maintaining comfort for you and your passenger and still keep room for your luggage.

Are you owning a bike already and looking for something more powerful like Kawasaki Ninja 650? Rent sport bike for a short-term is the best option for you to weigh the purchase.

The scooter is light - unlike a heavy motorcycle, it is easy to handle and has a relatively low specific fuel consumption. This is a great choice if you are planning short trips around the city or working in delivery.