Rent duration

Min: 50
Max: 87

Manufacturing year
Min: 1960
Max: 2022

Plug type

Load capacity (kg)
Min: 250
Max: 30000

Gross weight (kg)
Min: 100
Max: 10000

People capacity
Min: 1
Max: 20

Explore 3 sauna trailers near you

Deposit 100 €
/ day
Rent from 1 day to 1 month
700 load capacity (kg)
Avatint OÜ
6 967km away
Tallinn, EE
Deposit 100 €
/ day
Rent from 1 day to 1 month
930 load capacity (kg)
6 970km away
Kristiine, EE
/ day
Rent from 1 day to 1 month
750 load capacity (kg)
T-Lux Grupp OÜ
6 972km away
Harkujärve, EE
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Rentif provides online rental marketplace allowing users to search, select and rent sauna trailers and hot tubs from wide range of private owners and rental companies.
Are you looking for a warm comfy environment on the freezing cold nights? Want to have a great time with your family and friends in chilling weather? Need an ideal place to relax and unwind? What could be more enjoyable than your own little SPA? An unforgettable sauna experience at a location of your choice! Make a pleasant surprise for your family or friends. The sauna and hot tub are perfect for a special event.

The sauna has always been a way to spend your evenings with your loved ones and at the same time relieve your stress. Not only is the sauna pleasant, but the sauna relieves joint pain and muscle tension, increases resistance to disease, improves metabolism and sleep, and helps with certain health problems.

Saunas are an excellent means to interact with your family, friends, and acquaintances. The warmth of the cedar wood burning heater not only refreshes your mind, body and soul, but also creates a perfect environment to create memories. Mobile saunas are perfect to suit every kind of event, you can easily rent a sauna and take it along with you on a trip.