Rent duration

Min: 60
Max: 60

Manufacturing year
Min: 1960
Max: 2022

Plug type

Load capacity (kg)
Min: 250
Max: 30000

Gross weight (kg)
Min: 100
Max: 10000

Maximum boat length (m)
Min: 1
Max: 40

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/ day
Rent from 1 day to 1 month
2689 load capacity (kg)
6 978km away
Maardu, EE
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Rentif provides online rental marketplace allowing users to search, select and rent boat trailers from wide range of private owners and rental companies.
Transporting your boat safely requires the use of a boat trailer. Unfortunately, buying a trailer can be expensive. Rather than buying your own, you could instead rent a boat trailer to move or ship your boat.

You have a vessel that you have to transport and wonder where to get a trailer from? Purchasing a trailer can be very expensive, and if you don’t move your boat regularly, it might be an unnecessary investment for you. Instead, you could rent a trailer to haul your boat!

Owning a trailer means storing it, taking up space in your yard/driveway or paying someone to store it for you. Renting a trailer is a trouble-free way to perform occasional out-of-water repair and maintenance on your boat.